USC Chemistry Club

Who are we?

Chemistry Club is an organization dedicated to spreading the love of chemistry and providing chemistry-related majors with opportunities to network and communicate with professors and peers.

How do I join?

Drop by one of our meetings (you can find information about those in the 'updates' section) and meet us! You must be a chemistry or biochemistry major to join chemistry club.

Can you help me with my organic chemistry homework?

Yes! Some of our members have generously decided to host tutoring sessions just for you! Check the ‘tutoring’ section to find out when the next session is and find out more about our tutoring program!

I'm part of chemistry club and I have an exam coming up. Do you guys have a test bank?

You bet! Get in contact with us via email and we'll give you some old tests.

Ahem, so how exactly do I get in contact with you?

The best way to get in touch with us is through email, at

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