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Subscribe to the department seminar calendar

For Apple iCal, iPhone, Outlook or if your browser is setup to accept the webcal protocol:

Click webcal://
Notes: For Apple iCal, Make sure to set the "Auto Refresh" to Every day.

To subscribe in Google calendars :

Click on "Add" on the left menu under "Other Calendar" and select "Add by URL"
Type: webcal:// and click "Add Calendar".

To subscribe in Yahoo calendar beta:

Click on the icon to expand the view. (Top left, below the "Today" and "View" buttons).
Click on the + sign and select "Subscribe to calendar"
Type: webcal:// and click "Next".

To subscribe in Windows Live/Hotmail:

In the Calendar View, Click on Subscribe in the toolbar near the top of the page.
Under Calendar URL, paste “webcal://”. For Calendar name, type Chemistry Seminars, and click on “Subscribe to Calendar”.
The calendar is not loaded immediately but will appear along with your Windows Live calendars when you log in next day.

To subscribe from GroupWise:

Right-click on the calendar icon and select "Subscribe".
Type webcal:// in the "Location".
Type "Chemistry Seminars" in the "Folder Name".
Set the update frequecy to "Daily".



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