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Friday September 23 - Saturday September 24. Andrus Gerontology Auditorium

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8:00-8:45AM   Registration and Continental Breakfast
8:45-9:00AM   Welcome
Clusters - Chair: Professor Andrey Vilesov
9:00-9:40AM R.S. Berry "Insights into Complexity and Limits of Dogma from Studying Clusters"
9:40-10:00AM V. Mandelshtam "Thermodynamic Properties of Lennard-Jones Clusters. Quantum Mechanics versus Classical”
10:00-10:40AM J.M. Bowman “Global Ab initio Potential Energy Surfaces Using Permutational Symmetry and Spectroscopy and Dynamics with Them”
10:40-11:10AM   Break
Semi-Classical and Classical Dynamics I - Chair: Professor Chi H. Mak
11:10-11:30AM W.P. Reinhardt “Making Large Schrodinger Cats from Bose-Einstein Condensates”
11:30-11:50AM E. Pollak "Extracting Exact Quantum Dynamics from Classical Dynamics"
11:50-12:10PM T. Uzer "A New Look at the Transition State: Wigner's Dynamical Perspective Revisited”
12:10-12:30PM E.J. Heller "Electrons in Random Potentials: Chaos in Semiconductor Physics"
12:30-1:30PM   Lunch
Semi-Classical and Classical Dynamics II - Chair: Professor Arieh Warshel
1:30-2:10PM W. H. Miller “Using the Initial Value Representation of Semiclassical Theory to Include Quantum Effects in Classical Molecular Dynamics Simulations”
2:10-2:30PM J. Main "Use of High-Resolution Signal Processing for Semiclassical Quantization"
2:30-2:50PM S. C. Farantos “Reaction Paths and Elementary Bifurcations of Periodic Orbits”
2:50-3:20PM   Break
Electron Scattering - Chair: Professor Stephen E. Bradforth  
3:20-3:40PM R. K. Nesbet “The Energy Modified Adiabatic Approximation for Electron Impact Rovibronic Excitation and Electron Impact Chemistry”
3:40-4:00PM B.I. Schneider “R-Matrix and Linear Algebraic Approaches to Electron-Molecule Scattering”
4:00-4:20PM G. Csanak “The Development and Application of the Finite Temperature Random Phase Approximation for the Spectroscopic Description of Atoms(ions) in Dense Plasmas”
6:00-7:00PM   Reception
7:00PM-   Banquet
8:00-9:00AM   Continental Breakfast
Spectroscopy - Chair: Professor Curt Wittig
9:00-9:40AM. R.W Field "Just Large Enough!"
9:40-10:20AM. C.J.Kohl "Small Molecule Complex Vibrational Spectra, Assigning the Unassignable”
10:20-10:40AM S.D. Kunikeev “A new Efficient Protocol for Data Collection in Liquid Phase NMR”
10:40-11:10AM   Break
Physics or Chemistry - Chair: Professor Philip J. Stephens
11:10-11:30AM J. Zakrzewski “Non-spreading Wavepackets in Periodically Driven Systems”
11:30-12:10PM J.S. Briggs “The Spectrum of J- and H-aggregates”
12:10-1:30PM   Lunch
Collisions and Scattering - Chair: Professor Hanna Reisler
1:30-2:10PM A. Dalgarno “Atomic and Molecular Collisions at Ultralow Temperatures”
2:10-2:30PM A. Kuppermann "Accurate Reactive Scattering Calculations Using Hyperspherical Harmonics"
2:30-2:50PM J.C. Light “Hot Molecules: Bound States and Resonances”
2:50-3:20PM   Coffee
Ab Initio Theory - Chair: Professor Anna Krylov
3:20-3:40PM C.W. McCurdy "Electron-Driven Chemistry: The Chemistry of Dissociative Electron Attachment and
Part of the Legacy of Howard Taylor's Theory of Stabilization"
3:40-4:00PM F. Harris “Compact, Yet Precise Descriptions of Three and Four-Body Systems Using Exponentially Correlated Basis Functions”
4:00-4:20PM J. P. Simons “Howard Taylor’s Stabilization Methods Applied to Attachment of Low-energy Electrons to Bio-molecules”
4:20-4:40PM K. Ruedenberg “Beyond Chemical Accuracy Along Reaction Paths”

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