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Symposium dedicated to Prof. Howard Taylor for his extraordinary contributions to the theoretical chemical physics.

Professor Taylor curriculum vitae
USC Dornsife article on Taylor's Career
Physics Today Obituary by Barry Schneider
2005 Symposium in honor of Prof. Taylor
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Date and place: Saturday, March 12, 2016 at Paradise Point Resort and Spa (1404 Vacation Road, San Diego, CA 92109, Phone: 858-581-5910).
Reception - Bay View Deck
Banquet - Bay View Room & Deck

Registration: Click here to register to the symposium and banquet

Lodging: The participants are responsible for booking their accommodation and making their travel arrangements. There is a 10% discount on the best available rates by visiting to make your reservation using promo code "CATRAM". Rates do not include standard overnight parking, Passport to Paradise fees and applicable taxes. Discount and room types are subject to availability. Minimum length stays may apply. Standard Resort check-in time is 4:00 pm / checkout time is 11:00 am.

7:45-8:15 Registration and coffee
8:15-8:30 Welcome Remarks
Chi Mak, University of Southern California
Session Chair: Bill Reinhardt

Bill Miller
University of California Berkeley
"A Simple but Effective Approach for Incorporating Non-Adiabatic Dynamics into Classical Molecular Simulation"



Bill McCurdy
University of California Davis
"Dissociative Electron Attachment: Electron-Driven Chemistry and Nonadiabatic Transitions between Metastable States"


Craig Martens
University of California, Irvine
"Quantum Social Networks"


Coffee Break

Session Chair: Frank Harris

Turgay Uzer
Georgia Institute of Technology
"Celestial Mechanics on the Atomic Scales"


Joel Bowman
Emory University
"Revisiting Adiabatic Switching for Initial Conditions in Quasi-Classical Trajectory Calculations: Application to CH$_4$"



Daniel Neuhauser
University of California, Los Angeles
"DFT with Stochastic Long-Range Exact Exchange for Systems with Thousands of Electrons: Accurate Electronic Levels"


12:00 – 1:15 Lunch
Session Chair: Hanna Reisler, University of Southern California

Robert Field
Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Eric Heller
Harvard University
"Raman Scattering for the Masses: (of Carbon atoms)"


Curt Wittig
University of Southern Californias
"Between the Sheets"


Coffee Break

Session Chair: Barry Schneider

Jorg Main
University of Stuttgart
"Harmonic inversion analysis of exceptional points"


Kenneth Jordan
University of Pittsburgh
"Application of the Stabilization Method to the Temporary Anion States of Polyatomic Molecules"


Vladimir Mandelshtam
University of California, Irvine
"Adventures with Howard in 90's"

4:45-5:00 Closing Remarks
Anna Krylov, University of Southern California
5:30-6:30 Reception (Bay View Deck)
7:00 Banquet (Bayview Room and Deck)

Bill Reinhardt
University of Washington
"Thinking about Howard: Some Personal Thoughts, and his implicit message for Young Scientists"

Barry Schneider
National Institute of Standards and Technoloy
"Remembering Howard: Mentor, Colleague and Beloved Friend"

Two historical lectures will be delivered at the banquet: "Thinking about Howard: Some Personal Thoughts, and his implicit message for Young Scientists" by Bill Reinhardt, and "Remembering Howard: Mentor, Colleague and Beloved Friend" by Barry Schneider.

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