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New Faculty Hire -- Michael Inkpen
Dr. Michael Inkpen has accepted USC's offer to join the Chemistry Department as a Tenure-Track Assistant Professor. Mike will start in Spring 2019.
He received his Ph.D. from Imperial College (London, UK) in 2013 with advisors Nicholas Long and Tim Albrecht. At Imperial, Mike studied branched organometallic complexes for molecular electronics applications. Subsequent to his Ph.D. work, Mike moved to New York as a Marie Skladowska-Curie Postdoctoral Fellow at Columbia University working with Latha Venkataraman and Philippe Hapiot on scanning tunneling microscope-based break junctions, single-molecule electronics, and surface chemistry. He is currently continuing his Curie Fellowship work at the University of Rennes, France.
Welcome Mike, we are looking forward to having you as a colleague.

New Faculty Hire -- Megan Fieser
Dr. Megan Fieser has accepted USC's offer to join the Chemistry Department as a Tenure-Track Assistant Professor. Megan's appontment will begin in the Fall 2018.
She received her B.A. in Chemistry from the Washington University in St. Louis where she did research in the areas of organic chemistry and electrochemistry with Kevin Moeller. She then continued at UC Irvine where she completed her Ph.D. in 2015 with Bill Evans on fundamental structure and bonding and small molecule activation with f-block coordination complexes. From 2015-present Megan has been a postdoctoral research associate with Bill Tolman at the University of Minnesota, working in the area of mechanistic polymer chemistry.
We are pleased to welcome Megan as a colleague to our Department.

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Seminar / Events

02/23/2018: Special Seminar
Professor Raymond C. Stevens
Provost Professor of Biological Sciences and Chemistry, Founding Director, The Bridge Institute, USC
"Fifteenth Annual Carl M. Franklin Lecture on Science and Society: A New Approach Towards Diabetes Drug Discovery"
4:00 p.m., SGM 123

02/26/2018: Physical-Theoretical
Professor Sean Roberts
Department of Chemistry, University of Texas
"Manipulating Energy and Spin in Molecular Semiconductors"
12:00 p.m., Seaver Science Auditorium

02/27/2018: Inorganic
Professor Michelle Dolgos
Department of Chemistry, Oregon State University
"Structure-Property Relationships in Novel Piezoelectric and Ferroelectric Materials"
12:30 p.m., Seaver Science Auditorium

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