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PPP Students

Annie Thompson
BA Music Recording Engineering and Business, Skidmore College 2009
Pace University-Lenox Hill Hospital Physician Assistant program, Class of 2019

Why I changed my career (or educational objectives):
I was working in music publishing and as a freelance recording engineer but knew I wanted to do something more meaningful, involving more critical thinking, and that would have a positive impact on people's lives. I always had an interest in science and medicine but had never pursued it academically or considered it a career option. After graduating from undergrad and beginning my professional career, I gained a better perspective on what I was interested in and what kind of career I wanted. Medicine was where my interests led me and I made the leap! During my time in the postbacc program, I weighed my options for moving forward and what role I wanted to fill in the medical field. Through my shadowing and volunteer experiences I interacted with a number of physician assistants (PAs) and was really excited about their role in healthcare. After a couple years of debating the two options without coming to a conclusion about which I would rather pursue, I applied to both medical school and PA school and was forced to finally make a decision between two incredible professions. I ultimately chose PA school and I couldn't be more excited about my choice.

Why USC?
postbacc program offered everything I needed to successfully manage the completely foreign world I was entering and challenged me in ways that prepared me for what was to come. The support system, community, and academic environment was exactly what I was looking for.

Favorite Class/Professor at USC:
BISC 220, but I also really loved physics :)

Experiences with medicine
I did the preceptor program at Huntington Hospital, research in endocrinology at Children's Hospital Los Angeles, and worked as a rehabilitation assistant for a sports medicine/chiropractic practice.

When I'm not studying or volunteering
I enjoy hanging out with my dog, doing CrossFit, and eating pizza.