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PPP Students

Jane Whitney
BA History
Georgetown University 2008
USC Keck School of Medicine, Class of 2015
Hometown: Pasadena, CA

Why I changed my career (or educational objectives):
I had actually always known I wanted to be a Doctor, but I took a short break during college to try other classes and work in different industries to see if there was anything else that I enjoyed just as much as science and medicine. I wasn't necessarily ready to commit to the path of becoming a doctor as a freshman in college. I always kept my dream of becoming a doctor in the back of mind, and during my senior year, various events in my life re-ignited that dream and I made the decision to return my focus to becoming a doctor.

Why USC?
USC has a rigorous academic curriculum, it is situated in a large and diverse community, has incredible resources for networking, and it has established relationships with many of the area's most prominent and renowned hospitals and clinics. Additionally, I was ready to return home to the Los Angeles area, so USC seemed like the perfect fit for me.

Favorite Class/Professor at USC:
My favorite class at USC was BISC 220. I loved the Physiology portion, and I really learned a lot about different organ systems in the body. The material was so in-depth and detailed for an undergraduate, introductory course. My favorite professor is Dr. Baker, who teaches BISC 320. I love his old-style, chalk-board approach to teaching because he makes a large class feel very small. As well, he encourages students to talk with him and ask questions, and he is truly interested in teaching and helping his students.

Experiences with medicine
While in the USC Postbacc program, I have been able to volunteer at Cedars-Sinai, shadowing a Pediatrician and Internist. Additionally, I have been volunteering for the manager of the Rehabilitation and Neuropsychology departments at Cedars, where I have been able to do research, shadowing, surgery observation, and as well some clerical work that involves analyzing patient charts. I have had a really interesting and diverse experience at Cedars, and have had exposure to the many different aspects of medicine.

When I'm not studying or volunteering
When I'm not studying or volunteering I usually spend time exercising, catching up with friends and family, trying new and fun restaurants in LA, reading and watching television.