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    University of Southern California
    Dornsife College of Letters, Arts & Sciences
    ATTN: Postbaccalaureate Premedical Program
    3620 South Vermont Avenue, KAP 358
    Los Angeles, CA 90089-2520
    Tel: (213) 821-2354

PPP Support

The community created by USC's Postbaccalaureate Premedical Program is all about support. Preparing for and launching a successful application to a pre-health program can be daunting, but our students know what to expect every step of the way thanks to our network of committed students and knowledgeable advisors.

Our support staff includes our faculty advisor (Dr. Singer), four full-time professional premedical advisors in the Dornsife College Office of Pre-Health Advisement, and our admissions coordinator, an accomplished student in his/her application year. This staff is available year-round for appointments, questions and/or concerns.

Additional program-specific support services are listed below.

Receptions: PPP students have the opportunity to come together twice a semester during our program-sponsored receptions. These informal gatherings allow for the dispersal of program information as well as roundtable discussions on topics relevant to our postbaccs, which vary according to the time of year. Some common discussions include logistical issues (e.g. parking, registering for class), tips for success, the benefits and shortcomings of MCAT prep courses, school selection strategy and characteristics of various volunteer, research and international opportunities. One of the most beneficial aspects about these gatherings is that they bring together students at all points in the program and occasionally, even a few who have entered medical school, to share information about every stage of the application process.

Workshops: In the Spring semester, the program’s Admissions Coordinator conducts two workshops on school selection strategy and the phases of the application process for students entering their glide year. This timely information enables students to prepare in advance for an effective application as well as allows them to see what other successful students have done in the past.

Peer Mentoring Program: Newly admitted PPP students are assigned a peer mentor, who is typically a year ahead in the program. These students are available for any questions, act as liaisons for the program and pass along helpful information, academic or otherwise, to ensure a smooth transition for new students into the program.

Program Letter of Recommendation: Dr. Singer, our Program Director, provides each student in good standing with an extensive letter of recommendation during the application year. Dr. Singer conducts an hour long interview with each student to gather information for the recommendation and submits the letter to a confidential letter service of the student's choosing.