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It's always a pleasure to interact with young people who are interested in chemistry. As you know, chemistry provides a molecular perspective of the physical world. Chemical principles uncovered over the past several hundred years explain the behavior of atoms and molecules throughout the known universe, from the microscopic world of biology to the cosmic dimensions of radio astronomy. Chemical discoveries continue to enrich our lives through new products and technologies in fields such as agriculture, energy, medicine, microelectronics, polymers and many more. Chemistry is correctly called the "central science" because of its fundamental importance in so many other areas of science and engineering.

Should you major in chemistry ?

If you enjoyed your high school science courses, and if you are curious about how things work, you should think about majoring in chemistry or another science. Because chemical information is both quantitative and descriptive, individuals with different talents are attracted to this field of study. Many important principles of chemistry are best understood through mathematical formulas based on physical laws. If you enjoy finding an exact solution to a problem, this computational side of chemistry may be appealing to you. But there are other sub-fields of chemistry where the ability to recognize shape and symmetry is crucial, where visualizing objects in three-dimensional space provides insight into reactivity. Perhaps this more artistic side of chemistry will be attractive to you.

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