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Prospective Graduate Students Sunday September 21, 2014
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Faculty Highlights: Prof. Arieh Warshel
Proton tunneling (left) and ion transport (middle) in proteins. Vectorial translocation of DNA (right)

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09/22/2014: Physical-Theoretical
Prof. Andrey Tokmakoff
U. Chicago
12:00 Noon, Seaver Science Auditorium

09/23/2014: Inorganic-Biochemistry
Hanbin Mao
Kent State
"Mechanochemical Properties of DNA Tetraplexes"
12:30 p.m., Seaver Science Auditorium

10/02/2014: Departmental colloquia
Jillian Buriak
Department of Chemistry, and the National Institute for Nanotechnology, University of Alberta
"Pushing Block Copolymer Self-Assembly to its (sub-10 nm) Limits"
4:00 p.m., SGM 123

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Congratulations to Andrey Vilesov
Andrey Vilesov led a team that used the Stanford X-ray free electron laser to image droplets of liquid helium.
The work, described in an August 22 article in Science magazine, reports quantum vortices and extreme deformation of liquid droplets and sheds light on superfluidity at the nanoscale.
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Congratulations to Karl Christe
Karl Christe has been recognized by the American Chemical Society with the 2015 ACS Award for Creative Research and Applications of Iodine Chemistry. Karl will be receiving this award in the March 2015 ACS meeting.

Congratulations to Professor Thompson
Prof. Mark Thompson has been named recipient of the 2014 American Chemical Society Award in the Chemistry of Materials for pioneering the discovery and development of molecular materials for displays, lighting and solar conversion, combining unique insights from molecular photophysics and synthetic chemistry.

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