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 Department of Chemistry

Barry Thompson Promoted to Full Professor
The Department of Chemistry enthusiastically announces the promotion of Barry Thompson to full professor rank. Hired by USC in 2008 as assistant professor, Thompson researches the design, synthesis and characterization of electroactive organic polymers for use in solar cells and batteries. His fundamental research also encompasses the development of new polymerization chemistries with a focus on sustainability.

Matthew Pratt Promoted to Full Professor
The Department of Chemistry enthusiastically announces the promotion of Matthew Pratt to full professor. Hired by USC in 2009 as assistant professor, Pratt's research focuses on developing chemical tools to understand how protein function is affected by molecular modifications that occur after RNA translation and their impact on cells and living organisms.

Professor Lawrence Singer Retires
After a more than 50-year, illustrious career at USC, professor of chemistry Lawrence Singer becomes emeritus professor on January 15. Since joining USC as associate professor in 1967, Singer’s many contributions to the department, Dornsife College and USC include conducting innovative research in organic photochemistry, serving as department vice chair and faculty advisor to chemistry majors for more than two decades, and extensive contributions in undergraduate education planning and administration. Singer founded the USC Postbaccalaureate Premedical Program in 1999 and has served as its director and faculty advisor since its inception.

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Seminar / Events

01/27/2020: Physical-Theoretical
Professor Dan Fu
Department of Chemistry, University of Washington
"Pump probe microscopy: quantitative chemical analysis in living cells and animals"
12:00 p.m., SSL 202

02/03/2020: Physical-Theoretical
Professor Paul Zimmerman
Department of Chemistry, University of Michigan
12:00 p.m., SSL 202

02/04/2020: Inorganic
Professor Katherine Mirica
Department of Chemistry, Dartmouth College
12:30 p.m., SSL 202

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