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Prospective Graduate Students Monday October 20, 2014
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Faculty Highlights: Prof. Daniel Lidar
Left: optimal trajectory in adiabatic quantum computation. Right: a quantum error correction circuit.

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10/20/2014: Physical-Theoretical
Professor Juergen Gauss
University of Mainz, Germany
"Quantum Chemistry Meets Rotational Spectroscopy: The Quest for High Accuracy"
12:00 Noon, SSA

10/21/2014: Inorganic-Biochemistry
Professor Bart Bartlett
Department of Chemistry, University of Michigan
"Designing Chemically Robust Solar-Responsive Metal Oxides for Photoelectrochemical Water Oxidation"
12:30 p.m., Seaver Science Auditorium

10/23/2014: Organic-Materials
Professor Patrick Holland
Department of Chemistry, Yale University
"Nitrogen Fixation Using Low-Coordinate Iron Complexes"
12:00 p.m., Olah Library

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Congratulations to Matthew Pratt
Prof. Matthew Pratt is one of two young investigators in California to receive the Career Catalyst Grant from Susan G. Komen for the Cure. This $450,000 award will be used by his lab to investigation how the modification of proteins by O-GlcNAc promotes the survival and growth of breast tumors.
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Congratulations to Matthew Pratt
Prof. Matthew Pratt has been recognized as the 2015 recipient of the David Y. Gin New Investigator Award by the Carbohydrate Division of the American Chemical Society. This award acknowledges and encourages outstanding contributions to research in carbohydrate chemistry by scientists in the first seven years of their independent career. He will be receiving this award at the spring ACS meeting in Denver.

Congratulations to Andrey Vilesov
Andrey Vilesov led a team that used the Stanford X-ray free electron laser to image droplets of liquid helium.
The work, described in an August 22 article in Science magazine, reports quantum vortices and extreme deformation of liquid droplets and sheds light on superfluidity at the nanoscale.
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