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 Department of Chemistry

Five USC Chemistry Graduate Students Receive Environmental Sustainability Fellowships
The 2020 Norma and Jerol Sonosky Summer Fellowship has been awarded to five Department of Chemistry graduate students, supporting 12-weeks of independent research in areas of alternative energy, sustainability and renewable materials. Fellows and their faculty mentors include: Alexander Schmitt (Barry Thompson); Ratim Sen (Surya Prakash); Yvonne Manjarrez (Megan Fieser); Clarissa Olivar (Michael Inkpen); Yuhao Chen (Travis Williams)
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Richard Brutchey Honored with ACS Inorganic Nanoscience Award
Professor Richard Brutchey has received the American Chemical Society Inorganic Nanoscience Award in recognition of sustained excellence, dedication and perseverance in research and service in the area of inorganic nanoscience.

Smaranda Marinescu is Promoted to Associate Professor
The department is pleased to announce that Smaranda Marinescu, who began her independent career in 2013 as USC Dornsife Gabilan Assistant Professor of Chemistry, has been promoted to associate professor. Her renewable energy research uses metal complexes and metal-organic frameworks to convert abundant natural resources, such as water and carbon dioxide, into chemical feedstocks. This approach aims to store solar energy in chemical bonds and create clean energy technologies for a sustainable energy future. 2/26/20

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Seminar / Events

09/09/2020: Organic-Materials
Professor Thomas Kempa
Department of Chemistry, Johns Hopkins University
12:00 p.m., Olah Library

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