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Graduate Student Earns Green Chemistry Award
Emily Roberts has received the 2018 Kenneth G. Hancock Memorial award for outstanding student contributions in green chemistry. A graduate student in Professor Richard Brutchey's group, her research is focused on developing safe and sustainable methods of scaling nanoparticle syntheses for use as renewable energy catalysts. Roberts will be awarded $1,000 and recognized June 18 at the ACS Green Chemistry Institute conference in Portland, Oregon.

USC Quantum Computing Performance Races Ahead
Chemistry professor Daniel Lidar, director of the Center for Quantum Information Science and Technology (CQIST), says researchers are nearing breakthroughs with huge real-world implications for medicine, defense, energy and other fields.
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Dr. Yao Lu and Valeriy Cherepakhin (Williams group) won the 2018 USC Wrigley Sustainability Prize for their work to couple sustainable plastics production with biodiesel upgrading.
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Seminar / Events

03/22/2018: Chemical Biology
Professor Morgan Huse
Department of Chemistry, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
"Mechanical Control of Cytotoxic T Cell Function"
12:30 p.m., Seaver Science Auditorium

03/23/2018: Departmental colloquia
Professor Peter C. Stair
Department of Chemistry, Northwestern University
"Gas Phase Routes to Solid Catalyst Materials"
4:00 p.m., SLH 100

03/26/2018: Physical-Theoretical
Professor Patanjali (Pat) Kambhampati
Department of Chemistry, McGill University
"Surface Science on the Nanoscale and Optical Analogs of 2D-NMR"
12:00 p.m., Seaver Science Auditorium

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