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Professor Emeritus Remembered for Research Excellence and Department Leadership
Otto Schnepp, a prominent molecular spectroscopist who joined the Department of Chemistry in 1965 died Jan. 2 at age 93. "Professor Schnepp played a major role in the growth of the Department of Chemistry at USC beginning in the 1960s, and will be greatly missed," said Surya Prakash, department chair. Professor Schnepp was instrumental in the department’s hiring of Noble laureate Arieh Warshel in 1976 and served as department chair for several years beginning in 1989. Born in Vienna, Austria, Schnepp attended college in Shanghai, China, was fluent in five languages and served as science attaché at the U.S. Embassy in Beijing in the early 1980s.

The Department of Chemistry commemorates the 5th Anniversary of the award of Nobel Prize in Chemistry to Professor Arieh Warshel on Monday, December 10, 2018. There are two interesting stories on USC and Dornsife websites regarding Prof. Warshel’s Nobel Award:

USC Department of Chemistry Named a 'Best for Veterans' Program for 2019
USC Chemistry is ranked a top program for veterans by College Factual, an "outcome-based" college-search website. USC placed in the top ten percent nationally among 435 colleges and universities, based on factors including affordability, quality, resources and satisfaction among veterans.
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Seminar / Events

01/22/2019: Inorganic
Professor Aaron Appel
Department of Physical Sciences, Pacific Northwest National Laboraotry
"Using Free Energies for H+ and H– Transfers to Design Catalysts for the Reduction of CO2"
12:30 p.m., Seaver Science Auditorium

01/29/2019: Inorganic
Professor Jakoah Brgoch
Department of Chemistry, University of Houston
"The pursuit of novel phosphors for the next generation of LED lighting"
12:30 p.m., Seaver Science Auditorium

01/30/2019: Organic-Materials
Professor Guoliang (Greg) Liu
Department of Chemistry, Virginia Tech
"Block Copolymer-based Porous Carbon Fibers and Plasmonic Polymer NanoComposites"
12:00 p.m., Olah Library

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