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Raymond C Stevens

Provost Professor of Biological Sciences and Chemistry - Director of The Bridge Institute
Biological Chemistry

B.S. University of Southern Maine, 1986
Ph.D. University of Southern California, 1988
Office: MCB 320
Phone: (213) 740-1992
Fax: (213) 821-7854
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Research Focus

Over the years we have developed high-throughput methods to accelerate the understanding of proteins and the molecules that control them. We have examined entire bacterial organisms as well as complete protein families like human G-protein coupled receptors. One of our primary interests is applying these tools to study the chemistry and biology of neurotransmission, and of diseases that affect neurobiology (how does the brain work at the molecular level?). We want to understand how neuronal cells function on a molecular level and, and on the basis of that understanding, create new molecules and materials that mimic neuronal signal transduction and recognition. To date and using structure guided drug discovery, we have develop a number of therapeutic molecules now on the market or in clinical development to treat various diseases that affect mankind. We use a combination of chemistry, biochemistry, structural biology, cell biology, and pharmacology to accomplish the goals. Most recently, we have moved to USC to create the Bridge@USC, a new institute focused on the convergence of the sciences to understand the complete human body at the molecular, cellular, and human scale.

Selected publications


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